[MICRO013] Peloton EP

Andomat 3000 and Toubi McWeird – a bassheavy Team-Up.

[MICRO013] Peloton EP
[MICRO013] Peloton EP


Andomat 3000 (Cecille, Highgrade, Einmaleins) is back in combination with Mister Toubi McWeird (9Volt, Plattenbau, Cometomusic) . After his first EP for Microtonal this is a masterpiece in Techno – squirky, freaky, kickass, bassheavy and fast forward.

Short Facts

Artist: Andomat 3000 pres. Bernd Krull & Toubi McWeird
Title: Peloton EP
Label: Microtonal Records
Cat-No: MICRO013
EAN-Barcode: 4050486036938
Style: Techno
Format: 12" Vinyl + Digital Download
Release Date (Vinyl): Fri 04 Feb 2011

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