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  • ENOUGH012

    Danilo and Ilario are a great team and deliver a superb new Enough! Music release

  • NM2031 out now

    no digital release planned yet – Noir smasher incl. PHON.O Remix

  • NOMO002 out now

    handstamped and blue/black marbled Nomo #2 arrives from the deep blue sea

  • UYSR029 out now

    3rd and last remix pack from Satori´s amazing album – this time with Crussen, Olaf Stuut, Hraach and Thomas Atzmann

  • CODEX002 out now

    dark & harsh techno from the Ostcode camp – blood red 12″

  • FT002 out now

    Feines Tier from Cologne presents a co-production of Alejandro Castelli and Nu – great remixes by Satori and Just Emma

  • NMW085 out now

    Noir is back with his label – freshly redesigned with printed standard covers and hot music

  • NM2034 out now

    Noir Music´s sublabel is freshly relaunched – with printed Covers and a nice EP from Raxon

  • NM2033 out now

    Finnebassen just slams it off with Rotundo

  • NM2032 out now

    NM2 relaunch with pure french power by Kiko & Giacomotto

  • IPOLY011 + 012 repressed

    Alec Troniq´s masterpieces “Rueffel EP” and “Pimpernuckel” are back in

  • MICRO015 + 016 repressed

    the last EPs by Microtrauma and Blaues Licht are back in stock

  • UYSR011 repressed

    Krink´s “Disturbance EP” is freshly back in stock

  • [NOMO001] out now

    blue/black marbled – vinyl only – handstamped – no social media

    ..welcome to the world of NOMO

  • [UYSR025] out now

    Underyourskin is back on 12″ with Ninze & Okaxy from Leipzig

  • [MFD005] out now

    Daniel Sanchez presents his Ambient side project – Vinyl Only

  • [DCL002] out now

    Danse Club Limited Vol. 2 feat. Tuccillo & Tom Ellis

  • [DTZ041] repressed

    Midas 104 x Joshua Jesse x Gabriel Ananda

  • [BWLTD005] out now

    vocal Tech House from Own.way feat. Phable + Arts & Leni Remix

  • [ENOUGH011] out now

    Marc Miroir debuts on the Berlin based label Enough Music – strong Tech House

  • NM2 relaunch

    the label will be back in December – check out the first Vinyl


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YARNLTD006 | Tohuwabohu

Tohuwabohu EP

Artist: Echoton
Label: Yarn Records
Style: Minimal / Tech House

KR001 | We Are Here

We Are Here

Artist: Florian Kruse & Tesla Nix
Label: Klimaks Records
Style: Techno / Dub Techno

HIKE007 | Deepspace EP

Deepspace EP

Artist: Schmutz
Label: Hike Recordings
Style: Techno / Dub Techno

AMSEL028 | Rekonfiguration


Artist: Geplantes Nichtstun
Label: Amselcom
Style: Deep House / Downtempo / Slow House

KAMAI002 | Fana EP

Fana EP (incl. mp3code)

Artist: Ulises
Label: Kamai Music
Style: Electronica / Tech House / Slow House

BLUETEN005 | Blueten 005

Blueten 005 (Vinyl Only)

Artist: Gimenö & Stefan Helmke
Label: Blueten
Style: Techno / Dub Techno

NMW116 | Done / Undone

Done / Undone

Artist: Noir
Label: Noir Music
Style: Techno / Acid Techno

NMW117 | The Fuzz

The Fuzz

Artist: Thomas Schumacher
Label: Noir Music
Style: Techno / Acid Techno

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Enough! Music Limited
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