[MICRO012] Spinal EP

Second EP for Microtrauma on Microtonal.

[MICRO012] Spinal EP
[MICRO012] Spinal EP


It´s been a while since Microtrauma dropped their debut EP for Microtonal – but the duo wasn´t that lazy !!! Remixes for Traum, Firefly UK and Mangue Records were done and shaped the definition of their sound. And “Spinal EP” finally is the result – three hard and up-building techno tunes hitting all your cells and nerves.

Short Facts

Artist: Microtrauma
Title: Spinal EP
Label: Microtonal Records
Cat-No: MICRO012
EAN-Barcode: 4050486030783
Style: Techno
Format: 12" Vinyl + Digital Download
Release Date (Vinyl): Tue 22 Dec 2015

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