[IPOLYMATE001] Ipoly Mate 001

Ipoly kicks off its new series and introduces fabolous Gabriel Vitel

[IPOLYMATE001] Ipoly Mate 001
[IPOLYMATE001] Ipoly Mate 001


This vinyl includes a free downloadcode were customers get the whole digital release for free via Facebook !!
While IPOLY MUSIC is focussed to enrich the dancefloors with special music contents, our new release line IPOLY MATE steps out of the club and  connects real songs with tech house elements in a novel sense. Rookie Gabriel Vitel starts off and makes his debut with two  desired pieces from the all-around impacting “Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel” Liveact:

Lively guitars revive the spring in your mind. A rough and powerful voice wakes you up on flower meadows. A heart-warming beat makes you feel  like dancing on a rainbow and drives sweat between your legs. Is there any Feeling Better?

Yeah, we’re kidding. Just listen!

Short Facts

Artist: Gabriel Vitel
Title: Ipoly Mate 001
Label: Ipoly Music
Style: House / Tech House
Format: 12" Vinyl incl. mp3code
Release Date (Vinyl): Fri 11 Apr 2014

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