UYSR030 | Mystical Journey EP

dive deep into the mystical world of Jäger

UYSR030 | Mystical Journey EP
UYSR030 | Mystical Journey EP


Italian producer and Be Free label head Jäger makes his debut on Underyourskin Records with a haunting ‘Mystical  Journey‘ that turns out to be a playful minimalistic techno approach in the beginning, before evolving into a dark synth driven and more techhouse dominant tune gaining its dancefloor eligibility with a heavy baseline. Louis Kolben, part of Agents of Time, takes on the technoid approach to create a wobbling stomper that could easily tear in any location it is played at. ‘Mizar‘, the EP‘s second track, partly connects with regards to content to ‘Mystical Journey‘ but focussing merely on that dreamy aspect that claims its listeners and  leads one to a state of trance. Steffen Sonnenschein builds up the track slower to delay its peak that hits heavily when the  synth sounds are let loose and set the pace throughout the end.

Short Facts

Artist: Jäger
Title: Mystical Journey EP
Label: Underyourskin Records
Cat-No: UYSR030
Style: Techno / Tech House
Format: 12" black Vinyl
Release Date (Vinyl): Thu 12 May 2016

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