[MANGUE001] Le Fruit Tropical EP

4 – 2 – 1 GO! for Mangue Records. This new label is coming from germany with a bang.

[MANGUE001] Le Fruit Tropical EP
[MANGUE001] Le Fruit Tropical EP


4 – 2 – 1 GO! for MANGUE records. This new label is coming from germany with a bang. First release, called “le fruit tropical ep” is making it’s way to the dancefloor already. Tracks done by Black Vel and Mr Fabian Schumann are teaming up with aditional remixes, done by Ron Flatter and the guy called Terrik Mode. Starting up first is BAL CHAMPETRE with an up-to-date minimal sound and very good percussion part. Terrik Mode remix is cooling it down a bit but is
grooving nonetheless and will make them hips move. The second track LEVER DU SOLEIL is more bass driven and sounds like a funky little rocker. Hands Up! Everybody. It’s no rave, but it sure will kick your peaktime floor. Last track comes
from Ron Flatter who again takes it a bit more relaxed, adding nice breaks and still keeping it down to the floor. Good One.

Short Facts

Artist: Fabian Schumann & Black Vel
Title: Le Fruit Tropical EP
Label: Mangue Records
Cat-No: MANGUE001
Style: Tech House / Minimal
Format: 12" Vinyl + Digital Download
Release Date (Vinyl): Fri 03 Jul 2009

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