ENOUGH014 | All Night Long EP

big team-up from Basti & Danilo

ENOUGH014 | All Night Long EP
ENOUGH014 | All Night Long EP


Here is the first musical highlight of Enough! Music in 2017.
The label owners of Enough! Music will tell the next awesome story with their music project. The following releases are bind together with each other through the same tale. Each release gets you closer to the whole story.
Enjoy listening to the invited third artist Basti Grub ( Hoehenregler, Desolat, Baile Musik). Four excellent and magnificent tracks from Danilo Schneider and Basti Grub. The different but affectionate selection is the secret of the whole EP.
Enjoy our third journey !

Short Facts

Artist: Basti Grub / Danilo Schneider
Title: All Night Long EP
Label: Enough! Music
Cat-No: ENOUGH014
Style: Techno / Minimal
Format: 12" black Vinyl
Release Date (Vinyl): Thu 27 Apr 2017

Tracklist & Preview

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