What we Do

Vinyl is passion - a small view into our philosophy:


For us Vinyl is still the most beautiful and most durable data medium. It has a unique & outstanding sound quality and every record is so versatile with many capabilities of artwork, format and packaging.

That´s why we decided to do our own small distribution together with friendly labels and those who share the same passion for Music with us.

So if you just have the good ideas and the music – feel free to join Cometomusic as we are offering a nearly all-from-one-hand solution starting (for example) with: creating a corporate label strategy – getting your tracks mastered by our Partners – get your Vinyl pressed & handled with us – get your records distributed via Cometomusic – get your music even digitally distributed via Cometomusic – get your releases promoted to Key-DJs by Cometomusic – get some good advices from friends who are running labels since 2004 and who already made lots of experiences.

This is our idea: come – to – music

Mainly we are doing the following things:

Vinyl Distribution
We sell Vinyl to all key shops in Germany and foreign countries worldwide.
Record Pressing Administration
Feel free to contact us – we are offering special conditions to our distributed labels…maybe your label can also benefit from our experience and knowledge.
Label Management
We are not only distributing – we are always up for a chat about strategies, plans and give away honest opinions..from label owner to label owner
Digital Distribution
We offer our labels to join our network for digital distribution – feel free to ask us.
Digital Promotion
We are having a pretty large promo-pool of Key-DJs, Magazine Reviewers, 3rd Party Licensees, Bloggers and Friends who always know they can get something good from our pool. If your release could need some professional feedback too – please get in touch