NMW116 | Done / Undone

feat. Cari Golden

NMW116 | Done / Undone
NMW116 | Done / Undone


In the late 80s I started listening to UK radio stations when I was a little kid and I instantly fell in love with the acid sound and rave movement that was portrayed on those UK dance shows. When I got old enough to attend clubs and  warehouse raves, to experience the movement first hand, it was a nobrainer for me that the music and the lifestyle was my call. Lately…. in my dj sets and when producing music… I have been time travelling back to those days. Back to how I  remember the music I fell so deeply in love with and that is exactly what you hear on this “Done/Undone” release. For the “Done” track I teamed up with Cari Golden to have a female spoken word and a great message to build the music  around. I always prefer to do original vocal recordings rather than using samples. Cari understood 100% what I was after and I love the lyrics and execution by her. The spoken word is centered, very clear and deep to contrast the constantly building intensity of the acid  patterns and thumping beats. “Undone” is instrumental and has a more straight forward flow to it. It’s quite simple although the shifting groove patterns might surprise some. I was torn between two different acid patterns and decided to drop  one of them as a surprise change. Playing the track in clubs I quickly learned that the change of dynamics had a great effect. Both tracks have been wrapped in dark-themed chords and atmosphere. Both tracks have my take on the sound I fell in  love with years ago and obviously still love today. I hope you like what you hear.

Short Facts

Artist: Noir
Title: Done / Undone
Label: Noir Music
Cat-No: NMW116
Style: Techno / Acid Techno
Format: 12" black Vinyl + printed Cover
Release Date (Vinyl): Wed 12 Dec 2018

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