NMW113 | Embody Paradox

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NMW113 | Embody Paradox
NMW113 | Embody Paradox


After Thomas Schumacher’s succesful “Natural Rhythm” trilogy on Noir Music, the Berlin-based producer now returns with a fresh new release for us. Thomas and I have been very much in sync with what music we like, play and get inspired  by the past couple of years, so I was one big smile when I received these new bangers from Mr. Schumacher. Continuing on from last years trilogy, in 2018 we embark on new adventures starting with this 90s rave inspired “Embody Paradox” release. Both tracks are geniusly crafted and a tribute to warehouse moments from the early 90s with a twist of Thomas’ skillful 2018 freshness. “Embody” is built around a timeless 303 sequence wrapped in Thomas’ unique synths, soundscapes  and relentless beats. On “Paradox” Thomas goes back to oldschool arpeggio influences, his signature string composition and thumping subs. If you like rave-music; You will love this. If you like good techno; You will love this. Thomas  Schumachers creative juices are flowing more abundantly than ever.

Short Facts

Artist: Thomas Schumacher
Title: Embody Paradox
Label: Noir Music
Cat-No: NMW113
Style: Techno
Format: 12" black Vinyl + printed Cover
Release Date (Vinyl): Thu 12 Jul 2018

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