NMW061R | Bipolar Star 2018 Rmxs

big Giacomotto Remix Pack

NMW061R | Bipolar Star 2018 Rmxs
NMW061R | Bipolar Star 2018 Rmxs


A blast from the past… One of the most iconic tracks from the Noir Music back-catalogue makes a remixed revival. 3 impressive remixes to spice up your dj sets.

Victor Ruiz makes Bipolar Star a fantastic big room techno stomper with his signature sound and just the right amount of melody from the original to make it recognizable. Re:Axis almost makes the track unrecognicable with a more minimal  techno approach. Something I am sure will please the forefront of the underground techno scene. Animal Picnic & Aaryon almost pays tribute to the original with their very cool update keeping a lot of the original feel but cleverly tweaked the  elements to sound super fresh again. I believe there’s a little something for everyone in this remix package which was the purpose behind doing it instead of a bunch of remixes sounding the same. I hope you like the new remixes and put “Bipolar Star” right back into rotation.

Short Facts

Artist: Olivier Giacomotto
Title: Bipolar Star 2018 Remixes
Label: Noir Music
Cat-No: NMW061R
Style: Techno
Format: 12" black Vinyl
Release Date (Vinyl): Wed 28 Feb 2018

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