[IPOLY018] Welcome To School

coz education is necessary…

[IPOLY018] Welcome To School
[IPOLY018] Welcome To School


Good morning children, welcome to school ! What might be known from “Ipoly Mate 003″, got a very different context here in the title track. Heavy  club food, flavoured by Alec Troniq‘s love for the energy of the early 90s. “The Chain” was originally induced by Old Man Trouble and then impulsively got the blues by Alec Troniq. It has a special place in their hearts and continues  Alec’s series of crossovercollaborations in 2014.

Short Facts

Artist: Alec Troniq
Title: Welcome To School
Label: Ipoly Music
Cat-No: IPOLY018
Style: House / Deep House
Format: 12" Vinyl (first copies white vinyl)
Release Date (Vinyl): Mon 20 Oct 2014

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