[ATMEP021] Slipe

This EP is the debut of French artist Remcord for Atmosphere Records – with remixes from Stereo Express & René Bourgeois

[ATMEP021] Slipe
[ATMEP021] Slipe


This EP is the debut of French artist Remcord with Atmosphere Records. Since there’s a strong believe in this young producer’s music and live act his first EP at the label is inmediately translated into vinyl. Remcord developed his own sound with catchy rhythms, cheerful synths and well placed vocals. Remixes are provided by well known Atmosphere artists Stereo Express and René Bourgeois. Stereo Express delivers a live interpretation with extended sax. The tremendous René Bourgeois remix winks to Al Pacino’s Scarface.

Short Facts

Artist: Remcord
Title: Slipe
Label: Atmosphere Records
Cat-No: ATMEP021
Style: House / Tech House
Format: 12" Vinyl + Digital Download
Release Date (Vinyl): Fri 10 Aug 2012

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