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Week to week Cometomusic Distribution is releasing new Vinyl from various Labels and Styles ranging from House to Techno. Here you directly see the newest records of the last weeks and even more things which are coming soon.


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FT009LP | Feines Tier Zoo Vol. 1

Zoo Vol. 1 (2x12" + album mp3code)

Artist: Feines Tier
Label: Feines Tier
Style: Techno / Tech House / House / Disco
Date: 2018-02-23

AHRT002MC | Astrayed Reshaped

Astrayed Reshaped (incl. Mp3code + sticker)

Artist: Rico Puestel
Label: [Ahrt]
Style: Techno / Tech House
Date: 2018-02-15

UYSR054 | Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon EP

Artist: Zigan Aldi
Label: Underyourskin Records
Style: Tech House / Slow House
Date: 2018-02-08

HEULSUSE017MC | 10 Jahre Heulsuse

10 Jahre Heulsuse (tape + album mp3code)

Artist: Hanne & Lore
Label: Heulsuse
Style: Tech House / House
Date: 2018-02-08

[DCL003] Sascha Dive & Per Hammar

Limited 003

Artist: Sascha Dive / Per Hammar
Label: Danse Club
Style: Techno / Groove / Acid
Date: 2018-01-11

UYSR052 | Memories


Artist: Detmolt
Label: Underyourskin Records
Style: Slow Neotrance / Slow House
Date: 2018-01-11

SP01 | No More Funk EP

No More Funk EP

Artist: Mac-Kee
Label: Soul Pattern
Style: House / Chicago House
Date: 2017-12-21

[NMW106-108] Natural Rhythm 2 & 3

Natural Rhythm 2 & 3

Artist: Thomas Schumacher
Label: Noir Music
Style: Techno
Date: 2017-12-07

[DCR050] Hypnagogia Album Sampler

Hypnagogia Album Sampler (incl. DLcode)

Artist: Austen/Scott
Label: Danse Club
Style: Techno / Dub / Tech House
Date: 2017-12-07

[ENOUGHLTD001] Take A Breath EP

Take A Breath EP (Vinyl Only)

Artist: Danilo Schneider
Label: Enough! Music Limited
Style: Techno / Minimal
Date: 2017-12-07

DTZSESS001 | Dantze Sessions

Dantze Sessions (Vinyl Only)

Artist: Niconé & Philip Bader
Label: Dantze
Style: Techno
Date: 2017-10-19

BLUETEN003 | Gimenö & Stefan Helmke

Blueten 003 (Vinyl Only)

Artist: Gimenö & Stefan Helmke
Label: Blueten
Style: Techno / Dub Techno
Date: 2017-09-28

DCR049 | Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen (Vinyl Only)

Artist: Lauhaus
Label: Danse Club
Style: Techno / Dub Techno
Date: 2017-09-28

[H4E008] Bergauf Bergab

Bergauf Bergab

Artist: Romeofoxtrott / Stil & Bense
Label: Hunting For Emotion
Style: Tech House / House / Neotrance
Date: 2017-08-17

WRZL002 | Ordinary Chaos EP

Ordinary Chaos EP (VINYL OLY)

Artist: Various Artists
Label: Wurzel
Style: Minimal / Techno
Date: 2017-08-17

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