FT012 | Chaleur Spectrale

Disco & Acid alert

FT012 | Chaleur Spectrale
FT012 | Chaleur Spectrale


Monsieur Fred Berthet from Marseille who’s also known as Dj Steef drops his premiere EP on Feines Tier label after releasing a solo track on the first label compilation. Fred’s providing funky and hip shaking tunes since ages so keep hold of your  shorts while dancing to the beats. The Vinyl contains 2 discoid fresh tunes including vocals by Jessica Boucher on Sève et Adam and 2 remixes by the charming 106er boys and the mighty Rodion who sends an Italian Ciao from his adopted  home Mexico City.

Short Facts

Artist: Fred Berthet
Title: Chaleur Spectrale
Label: Feines Tier
Cat-No: FT012
EAN-Barcode: 192562763131
Style: Deep House / Disco / Acid
Format: 12" black Vinyl + printed Cover
Release Date (Vinyl): Thu 27 Sep 2018

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