[BWCD01] A Long Young Trip (CD Album)

Aldo Cadiz & Ricky Erre Love drop their Album on Beatwax – CD Album

[BWCD01] A Long Young Trip (CD Album)
[BWCD01] A Long Young Trip (CD Album)


After the last collaboration which saw them go out successfully on Desolat, the label Loco Dice, finally and after so much hard work they have completed their first album on Beatwax Records and have entitled it “A Young Long Trip”. Aldo Cadiz & Ricky Erre Love have now been collaborating for two years sharing their ideas, dreams and experiences.They are trying to get something positive across through a unique audio experience that evolves over time. Although their stories are different, they are interwoven in an artistic partnership, made homogeneous and uniform through the use of hypnotic grooves that are deep and overwhelming, and always enriched by delicate and loving melodies that have made this project become a reality.We are expecting an album that is intimate, engaging and full of surprises.

From Chile to Italy a long young trip continues !

Short Facts

Artist: Aldo Cadiz & Ricky Erre Love
Title: A Long Young Trip
Label: Beatwax Records
Cat-No: BWCD01
EAN-Barcode: 4250644831447
Style: House
Format: CD Album (digipack)
Release Date (Vinyl): Mon 02 Dec 2013

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